Community Enrichment

The Culture Shock family has grown from its base in San Diego to cities across the United States and Canada. Each company is individually operated to implement the Culture Shock mission of entertainment, education, and community enrichment with the unique needs of its community in mind. Each company has up to five dance troupes serving a diverse range of ages, skills, and goals.

Performance Entertainment

All troupes are committed to creating fresh, innovative choreography to keep the organization at the forefront of the hip-hop dance community.

Dance Education

The Culture Shock concept—to bring the urban dance form into the professional dance arena and then let that influence go back the other way—has now inspired several generations of hip-hop dancers. Bunch touts the addition of break dancing as a key moment in the history of Culture Shock. “That was the big blossoming for Culture Shock,” she says. “To pull the two genres together: the original and the ‘commercial.’”

Community Involvement

Culture Shock began its youth-outreach efforts by performing in schools to inspire and entertain future generations. Now outreach is one of the organization’s main tenets, with members teaching D.A.R.E. programs and giving complimentary performances to community and nonprofit groups.

Youth Outreach

Every Culture Shock outpost operates as an independent, nonprofit entity. And each company relies on the generosity of donors and volunteers to carry out its mission. Please visit a specific location to learn how your support will be most valuable to it.

Mini Shock

The youngest troupe with children 7 years and under learn hip-hop dance and are exposed to the core values of the hip-hop community, including self-worth and respect for others.

Mighty Shock

A training troupe for dancers ages 13 years and under, Mighty Shock builds a solid hip-hop dance foundation, teaching teamwork and confidence.

Future Shock

Our apprentice company, providing those ages 17 and under with substantial experience studying and performing urban dance forms.

Afta Shock

Afta Shock, with dancers ages 25 and older, demonstrates that we never cease to be creative, work hard, and inspire others with the values of hip-hop culture.

What We Do

Culture Shock is a network of nonprofit dance companies that brings the power and beauty of hip-hop to diverse audiences via professional entertainment, dance education, and community enrichment programs.

We are a troupe of individuals, who through the power of music and dance, cultivate self-worth, dignity, and respect FOR ALL PEOPLE.

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