January 21, 2017


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Rally Experience! SATURDAY, JANUARY 21, 2017, 2- 3 PM (Rehearsal 12:30 PM)

BREAK THESE CHAINS — LIVE FREE is once again raising awareness to combat the human trafficking epidemic. We will stage another rally, with local dance group, Culture Shock including a group dance at First Street Stage on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. We will once again feature not just speakers but also live singing and dancing. Look for even more performance art to grab attention and raise awareness. Our chain bracelets are sure to be a centerpiece of the event, so get yours and come help fight human trafficking!!

Ways to learn the dance:

A.   To watch the dance and learn the video



Saturday, January 21st  (12:30 – before the event) – to review, learn and perform

1st Street Stage on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas

Stay tuned more classes will be offered.

Flashmob and spread the word.

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2017 Human Trafficking Awareness Event