Culture Shock is an international organization with outposts in the United States and Canada. Every year the various troupes come together to share their love of hip-hop and learn from each other at the weekend-long Culture Shock International Choreographer’s Showcase. In 2009, Showcase was held in San Diego and this year it will be in Ottawa, Canada, from Oct. 22 to 24.

Founded by Angie Bunch, the Culture Shock powerhouse originated in San Diego in 1993. Troupes followed in Los Angeles; Oakland; Las Vegas; Chicago; Atlanta; Washington, D.C.; and Ottawa and Toronto, Canada. To learn more about each city—including programs, events, staff and how you can offer support—visit its individual website.

New Locations

If you are interested in starting up a Culture Shock dance troupe in your city, contact Angie Bunch.

San Diego

Angie Bunch founded the original Culture Shock troupe in San Diego in 1993. Since its inception, the Culture Shock brand has expanded to include Future Shock, Mighty Shock, Mini Shock, and Afta Shock.

Los Angeles

Founded in 1995, the Los Angeles outpost has Culture Shock, Future Shock, and Mighty Shock troupes.


Formed in 1994, the Oakland branch has Culture Shock, Future Shock, Mighty Shock, and Afta Shock troupes.

Las Vegas

The Las Vegas branch has Culture Shock, Future Shock, and Mighty Shock troupes.

Washington, D.C.

Created in 2002, the Washington, D.C., branch includes Culture Shock, Future Shock, and Mighty Shock.


Culture Shock Chicago was created in 1998.


Originally started in Ottawa in 1998, Culture Shock Canada expanded to Toronto in 2001. The Canada outposts have Culture Shock and Future Shock troupes.

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