AftaShock Oakland (ASO)

Afta Shock – Dancers ages 30 and over debunking the idea that hip-hop is a young person’s game. This newly strengthens the hip-hop community by providing a platform for many dancers, of varying ages and dance experiences, to come together, work hard and spread the love they have for this art form. Afta Shock’s style is high-energy, combining dance elements of where hip-hop started to where and what it is today.

Tahira Hodge, CSO Executive Administrative Director & AftaShock Artistic Director

Tahira’s first interest in dance began at the tender age of 11, when she joined the dance team and cheerleading squad at Madison Middle School in Oakland.  She loved performing so much that she continued to train in Drama, vocal music and Jazz and Modern dance throughout High school in the Performing arts program at Castlemont H.S and with New Generation Dance Company with the City of Oakland. She also trained with Dimensions Dance Company apprentice program from 1988-1990. Tahira fell in Love with Culture Shock’s amazing artistry in December 2005 while watching the “Shop 2 Dance Showcase” at the Julia Morgan Dance theatre in Berkeley.  She immediately knew then that the Shock family was where she wanted to be. She began her hip hop training by becoming a part of the Shock Family Workshops and continued on to become a part of the Bay Area’s first over 30 hip hop dance troupe AftaShock in 2006.  Tahira’s love of the Culture Shock organization and fervent belief in the Culture Shock mission statement led her to become the Director of AftaShock in 2008 as well as  Artistic Director of Mighty Shock and Assistant Director of Culture Shock Oakland in 2009. Tahira has two children who are also part of the Shock family, Xavier 16(Future/Culture Shock) and Jalen 8(Mighty Shock). “I believe that The Culture Shock Oakland Organization captures the essence of what a dance family should be. Every individual has something unique within them to share artistically and they are allowed to do that here with the Shock Family. You can’t get that anywhere else.”