Let Culture Shock school you on hip-hop dance with Culture Shock 101: Evolution, a high-energy show featuring all of the Culture Shock troupes. The show, which will take place April 22-23 at the Garfield Theatre (4126 Executive Dr., La Jolla; 858-457-3030), is themed “Evolution” and will examine the evolution of a Culture Shock dancer, from 5-year-old Mini Shockers to 25-and-older Afta Shockers.

This will be the second annual performance of Culture Shock 101, the only all-Shock show that the company offers. Last year’s inaugural all-Shock show sold out. “Unless you go to a four- or five-hour dance competition, you won’t see quality hip-hop dance performance live like this,” says Culture Shock founder and Culture Shock San Diego Executive Director Angie Bunch. “There’s not much opportunity to go to a theater and see a hip-hop dance show. It’s a family-friendly show, but it’s the real deal—real hip-hop performed in a positive environment.”

The explosive performances will school you on the different troupes that make up the Culture Shock San Diego family—Culture Shock, the professional troupe; Afta Shock, the 25-and-older group; Future Shock, the 17-and-younger apprentice troupe; Mighty Shock, for ages 13 and younger; and Mini Shock, for ages 5 and under. “On one stage, you never see a 4-year-old dancing with a 48-year-old, but at this show you will,” Bunch says. The troupes will perform individually and join for medleys, like an all-Shock b-boy piece; a special directors’ number, since the directors personify the evolution of the Culture Shock dancer experience; and a show-stopping all-Shock finale.

Tickets cost $20 for the Friday and Saturday 7 p.m. performances and $15 for the Saturday 2 p.m. matinee. They are available for pre-sale at the Culture Shock Dance Center. Or buy them online at tickets.lfjcc.org. View event flyer.

I’m shocked and awed at the talent and creativity of all of the dancers! Bravo! — Audience member from last year’s “Shock 101” show

See All Culture Shock Troupes Rock the Stage at ‘Shock 101: Evolution’

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