A Message from Angie…

Huge Thanks to all of you who attended, contributed, volunteered and generally had a good time with us at SHOCK’N THE PARK/BATTLE’N THE PARK 2016! This FREE Community event continues to grow and evolve, much like our organization, and it is because of your interest and support that we are able to do so.

Thank you to Victoria Hamilton from the Jacobs Center’s Neighborhood Innovation Program and Lupita Guerrero from Kitchens For Good – we have this wonderful space thanks to you! Thank you to our wonderful Vendors for joining us in adding to the Festival feel and providing great gear and products: Urban Empire, ShockGear, Joe In A Bottle, Vintage Thrift, Robotix and Skullies! Thank you Tommy Chu, for organizing Battle’N the Park, and to all of the brilliant and talented competitors – you’re ALL CHAMPIONS!

Thank you to our special guests; Future, Mighty and mini Shock Los Angeles, High Tech High Media Art’s ‘Illest Arts Crew’, Jonny Dupre’s Robotix Crews and Granger Junior High’s ‘Free For All’!

Special Thanks to Zulu Gremlin, our EMCEE and Battle Judge alongside Eddie Gutierrez and Jonny Dupre. Thanks to our amazing Troupe Artistic Directors: Anna Sarao, Sean Memije, Sherman Shoate, Simone Swift, Shanara Lennox, Marco Herrera, Carmen Macias, Tommy Chu and their assistants.

Thank you to CSSD’s Board of Directors; Cheyenne, our Executive Director; Lovelyn Layug, Executive Assistant; and Sherry Phillips, our Youth Program Coordinator!

Thank you, PARENTS…it takes a Village!


Thank you to LaShae Collins, CS BOD member for recruiting the attention and support of our Congress and Councilmembers for the following:

CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION – United States House of Representatives, Juan Vargas, member of Congress
California State Assembly – Lorena Gonzalez, Assemblywoman, 80th District
California State Assembly – Shirley N. Weber, PH.D., California State Assembly, 79th District

Many thanks…

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