Culture Shock’s commitment to Hip Hop dance as a highly entertaining, inspiring, and engaging art form is at the core of every activity and program that we offer. We consistently present urban dance forms with the artistic excellence and professional dedication traditionally associated with other styles of dance. Our highly acclaimed performances expand and enrich the regional cultural scene, enjoyed by audiences of every background. For information on hiring Culture Shock San Diego or to Learn more about our innovative performances, click here.


We provide unparalleled opportunities for artist development in hip-hop. All dancers are encouraged to express themselves creatively regardless of their differences, including social class, age, gender, race, or sexual orientation. We provide a positive environment for dancers to experience personal growth, teamwork, and leadership. See how we develop highly skilled dancers.


Our five troupes regularly contribute performances and educational programs to schools, libraries, charitable organizations and community events, enhancing the lives of San Diegans. We are a highly diverse group of individuals who utilize the beauty and power of hip-hop as a means to cultivate self-worth, dignity, and respect for all people throughout our global community. See the many ways that we enrich San Diego.