Our troupes undergo intense training to hone their dance skills. Dancers must attend rigorous weekly rehearsals, generally 4 to 7 hours per week, which are a great training ground for individual development and a foundation for a dance career.

Current and former Culture Shock dancers work in teams to direct the youth troupes. The younger troupes benefit from having the veteran Culture Shock dancers to look to for inspiration and help, and the tiers provide younger dancers with a clear development path and a goal to work towards.


Culture Shock® San Diego awards full and partial scholarships to upcoming and promising dancers in the Future Shock and Mighty Shock Troupes who qualify based on need and merit. These scholarships provide underprivileged youths the opportunity to participate in dance.

Master Classes

Culture Shock® San Diego troupes and the community have the rare opportunity to be trained in a wide variety of urban dance styles, including popping, locking and house, by nationally and internationally renowned instructors at the weekly master class. Guest instructors introduce new and exciting choreography to challenge dancers and help them grow technically. In an art form that constantly evolves, this allows dancers to remain innovative and unique, resulting in a troupe of individuals expressing hip-hop in a style all their own.