Culture Shock San Diego connects with people of all ages and backgrounds in every program that we provide. We have a highly diverse family of dancers that, through incredible team work, create engaging and exciting shows. This combination helps us cultivate self-worth, dignity, and respect for all people in our community.


Culture Shock® San Diego enriches the communities we live in through outreach and collaborations with other arts and social organizations. This very popular art form provides opportunities for people from all spectrums to become involved in our organization.

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Culture Shock San Diego tries to expose the power and beauty of hip-hop to all walks of life as well as community and educational non-profits that provide services to under served youth through direct donation or sponsorships.


Culture Shock® San Diego has made it part of our mandate to maintain a continuous connection with the youth and families of our respective communities. We do this by participating in community outreach programs, in which local youth are given the opportunity to attend hip-hop classes. The teens are also encouraged to contribute to the development of choreography, which helps them develop leadership skills that will enable them to become community leaders, and even instructors who can create their own hip-hop dance programs.