Performances for Hire

Culture Shock San Diego is a professional dance troupe with a 20-year history of providing original and innovative performances. Our troupe has been hired by companies such as DODGE®, Sea World®, Valley View Casino, and many more! Our Directors and Dancers have performed with entertainers such as Missy Elliot, Rihanna, Britney Spears and Destiny’s Child. From services such as Party-Pumping, to Performance, to Education, to Flash Mobs, there is nothing that our dancers do not have experience with when it comes to professional level Hip Hop entertainment. For more information on hiring Culture Shock, please contact Angie at

Community Outreach

All of Culture Shock San Diego’s troupes perform in over 30 community events per year. Of those, at least 20 are provided at no cost for the partnering organization. These performances offer regular opportunities for our young dancers to grow as performers and gain confidence in themselves, while contributing to the San Diego County cultural scene. Our troupes regularly work with schools, libraries and charitable groups to provide entertaining and educational dance programs. They also collaborate with local artists and arts organizations. Interested in having one of our troupes participate in your community event? Please contact Gwen at or call/text 619-888-8278

Annual International Choreographer’s Showcase

Once Culture Shock had spread to become a nationwide network, the dancers in Culture Shock San Diego decided to host a show that would unite the different Culture Shock troupes from all over the country and allow them share their talents. Now a yearly tradition, Showcase draws dance troupes from throughout the globe. Hosted each year by different cities in the Culture Shock Network, dancers come together each October not only to present the latest Hip Hop choreography, but for a full weekend of personal and artistic growth as well as community building.
SAVE THE DATE! October 2012, Showcase returns to San Diego! 

Full-Length Dance Theatricals

One of the highlights for our Culture Shock San Diego family during the season is the creation and performance of a full-length dance theatrical that is performed at major venues across San Diego. This Spring show brings together all 5 troupes for a unique opportunity to demonstrate their talents and passion for audiences that extend beyond the traditional Hip Hop constituency. These shows are loved by audience members of all backgrounds. View photos below from past shows.
SAVE THE DATE! May 25-26, 2012 Shock 101 returns to the JCC Theater in La Jolla! 


Christopher, for the Love… A Hip Hop Story is based on the life of Christopher Braswell, a man with lung cancer who found friendship and purpose through Hip Hop dance until his death at age 22. Throughout the theatrical, four women tell stories about his quirky habits and relay how much they miss him. Although the tale is tragic, the dancers celebrate Christopher’s life and his love of Hip Hop dance.

Graffiti Life
Graffiti Life, The Color of my Sole – 2009


Graffiti Life: The Color of My Sole, is a collaboration with renowned graffiti writer Pose 2, who shows the hidden drama behind the images found under bridges and on buildings. Through dance, he brings to life the art and culture of graffiti. The acclaimed Culture Shock San Diego body-rocks through this surreal journey as breakin’ and graffiti art merge to entertain and enlighten us about one of the most controversial art movements.

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