Culture Shock San Diego continues to be able to accomplish its mission with the contributions of MANY throughout the year – the staff, the many volunteers, the troupe families, the donors, the board of directors, and the community support.  For that we THANK YOU.

Carlen Haag, Executive Director

Carlen Haag

Carlen Haag leads the Culture Shock team of talented and loyal contributors, dancers and volunteers!  She provides administrative and financial oversight for the nonprofit organization. As the ED, she is supervised and accountable to the Board of Directors, actively taking part in monthly meetings to ensure the organization continues to grow.  Ms. Haag is a native of San Diego, with a supportive family and circle of friends.

Ms. Haag has a master’s degree from National University in Forensic Science and a Bachelor of Science from Santa Clara University in Political Science. She has more than 14 years of experience in the supervision and administration of public service programs. This experience has included providing oversight and follow through on numerous contractual agreements for services, grants, community relations, fundraising as well as working with the team to continue the many community Culture Shock Programs. She can be reached at


Lovelyn Redfearn, Programs Director

Lovelyn Redfearn

Lovelyn Redfearn was born in the Philippines and came to the United States when she was three years old but considers herself a San Diego native and has lived here since 1995. Culture Shock San Diego has long been a part of Lovelyn’s life.  She has been honored to train with and perform on the professional troupe (off from 2010-2012), Culture Shock from 2003- 2014. In 2013, Lovelyn was also the co-Artistic Director of the professional dance troupe alongside David Henry. During her brief time away from Culture Shock, she was able to travel and live in Wenzhou, China as a professional dancer. Her resume during that time also includes back-up dancing for a handful of San Diego artists at various concert venues. She has starred in music sensation Flo-Rida’s YouTube music video remix to his hit “Wild Ones”.

In the more recent years, Lovelyn transitioned off the stage and re-focused her strengths to the Programs Director position for the CSSD non-profit organization, also stepping into the role of Production Manager for “A Culture Shock Nutcracker”.  Lovelyn is certified in Non-profit management through Nonprofit Management Solutions, and she continues to pursue her love of supporting Culture Shock as well as grow her experience with non-profit management.

Lovelyn envisions a larger community exposure to Culture Shock San Diego, taking the troupes back into the schools for performances, building upon the community programs like “SHOCK’n The Park” and building upon established relationships that have been made with donors and partner groups to further educate and spread the word about what dance and the hip-hop community can offer to the youth of San Diego.


Anna Sarao, Masterclass Coordinator

Anna Sarao

Anna Sarao has been in the dance community for more than 20 years, with a history directly with Culture Shock SD. She was a core dancer for CSSD in 1996, as well as the Artistic Director from 1998-2003.

She directed the first team to have a bboy crew and bridged both communities during my time as Artistic Director with CSSD.  She also directed members of the Jabbawockeez, created Body Rock Dance Competition and Body Rock Junior and is working on bringing Body Rock to Asia. 

Currently Anna serves as the Masterclass Coordinator for CSSD.  Her responsibilities are to book Masterclass, one of the main Programs of the non-profit organization, for most Tuesdays throughout the year, arranging for talented choreographers to teach and aiding the many dancers of all ages to further grow in their dance training.

Anna’s favorite dance style(s) is FUNK!  “I love funk styles because it just looks cool and locking feels fun to me!!!”


Carmen Macias, Mini Shock Youth Director

Carmen Macias
Carmen Macias

Carmen Macias has been dancing for 10+ years with a background in hip hop, ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, and salsa. Her training includes studios like Culture Shock Dance Center, Academy of Performing Arts Dance Studio, and Chula Vista High School (School of Creative and Performing Arts), and she has been teaching for 5 years and counting, with students ranging in age from 3 to 70 years old.  Carmen trained with the professional Culture Shock San Diego dance troupe for 5 years and is now a proud Culture Shock San Diego Alumni.

She has been teaching dance in many different places from schools to studios, and has experience as a back-up dancer for a few artists, including Baby Bash for the z90.3 Jingle Jam Concert, and was in several music videos. , and a b-girl in the Breaking community going by the name “Chola Roc”. I represent myself and a group of b-girls in San Diego at Queen Bee’s.

Carmen’s role with the CSSD organization is as one of the Youth Directors of Mini Shock San Diego.  With her love for dance, and her desire to inspire and teach the roots, history, and foundation of this amazing culture, she lends great talents and leadership to the Mini Shock dancers!


Shanara Lennox, Mighty Shock Director 

Shanara Lennox
Shanara Lennox

Shanara brings her choreography and training to Mighty Shock Dance Troupe, the community troupe for CSSD of dancers ranging in ages from 7 to 14. This is an exciting age to train and an age where part of their growth and development is through preparing for, performing at and excelling in dance competitions.

Shanara also works for UniverSOUL Hip Hop as a teaching artist for elementary schools throughout Los Angeles.  Her teaching residencies include standards-based curricula that integrate Common Core Standards.  In 2009 she co-founded a free after-school dance program that runs out of the Duarte Teen Center.

Most recently, Shanara aided in organizing CSSD’s very own SHOCK’n The Park, the organization’s free community event held annually in June.  SHOCK’n The Park, thanks to a grant from the Jacobs Center, is held with a festival style group of vendors and foods, a unique dance battle between San Diego Shock troupe dancers and Los Angeles troupe dancers, and a complete array of creative numbers performed by local San Diego hip hop dancers and featuring an opportunity to see all the Culture Shock San Diego troupes perform together on stage!

Shanara holds true to her mission, which jives with CSSD’s longstanding mission, to teach dance throughout different communities, helping all people discover a positive way of self-expression through music and dance.


Kaylar Preite, Future Shock Director 

Kaylar Preite
Kaylar Preite

Kaylar Preite has been dancing for about 16 years and has trained in various styles including jazz, tap, ballet, and modern. However, her passion for hip-hop has taken over her dance career. She was a member of Future Shock San Diego for 6 years and is now one of their directors for the spring 2018 season. She is also currently on a dance team in San Diego called 220 and has been teaching at various studios and schools throughout the county. While continuing to train and learn as a dancer, Kaylar has been working on her path as a choreographer as well. But, in her heart she will always be a performer.


Beau Fournier, Future Shock Director 

Beau Fournier

Working as a professional dancer for over ten years, Beau Fournier made his mark as an iconic dancer. Working with artists such as Missy Elliot, Tony Braxton, Yelle and Jennifer Lopez, also appearing on Disneys’ Shake it up, Honey 2, Hell’s Kitchen, Fox’s Mobbed, Secret Life of An American Teenager, and Americas Got talent. The most pivotal point in his career was when he appeared on Americas Best Dance Crew with the astound group Fanny Pak. Beau then took his career into a new path of choreographing, teaching and directing by creating his own professional company named Maker Empire. He also has choreographed and directed for BMW, 2012 Summer Olympics, ABC Mouse, Karmin, and Afrojack just to name a few.

Dedicating his passion in dance has been his sole inspiration and to keep his loyalties to many other companies he is a part of; such as Culture Shock Los Angeles as a Creative Director. Being able to dance, instruct, direct in many countries like The Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and many cities throughout the US has been the most enlightening journey in his career to bring all experiences in his ever-growing curriculum. Now, he is undertaking the biggest adventure of all, opening his own studio called Elements Dance Space! Since July of 2017, Elements is making it’s mark in becoming a leading studio in Los Angeles.


Andres Ley, Future Shock Director 

Andres Ley
Andres Ley

Andres has been dancing since 2011 at the age of 15. He began dancing after discovering the jabbawockeez, which inspired his trainings. Andres fell in love with all the Hip Hop Dance styles breaking, popping, and locking. He extended his trainings over to house, krump, ballet, jazz, and contemporary. After witnessing SGBM win WOD SD 2012 it inspired him to create his own dance team “664 In The Groove” with a friend. Currently Andres is part of SGBM as a dancer. Which is a dream come true.

“I love to express myself thru the movement, have a conversation with our bodies”


Sean Memije, Culture Shock Artistic Director

Sean Memije

Since the age of 3, Sean has always had a love for dance. From emulating the moves of Michael Jackson to learning the latest party dances from his older sister, rhythm and movement came natural to Sean. However, it wasn’t until after high school when he tapped into his full potential as a dancer. During college, Sean went to his first audition for a hip hop dance troupe called Formality. He made it onto the team and went on to being a part of the only troupe to sweep all 4 major hip hop competitions in one year.

From there, Sean choreographed, danced with, and directed other San Diego troupes such as 220 (Second to None), The Rejects, Super Galactic Beat Manipulators, FrameWork, Frenemies, Future Shock and currently, Culture Shock San Diego. Throughout his dance career, Sean has had the pleasure to train with great artists such as Wade Robson, NappyTabs, Angie Bunch, Gus Bembery, Jaffar Smith, The Jabbawockeez, Keone Madrid, Vinh Nguyen, and Lando Wilkins, just to name a few. Currently, Sean is a resident hip hop teacher at the Culture Shock Dance Center. Sean is also a  primary choreographer/show director at SeaWorld San Diego, and the Artistic Director of Culture Shock San Diego. Sean continues to be a humble student of dance. He wishes to continue teaching and sharing his unique style of creativity through dance to the world.